Shooting a Video

No matter the reasons behind taking a video, it is important to make sure that the video recorded is of high quality. If you are recording wedding video west midlands, the aspect of quality becomes very significant. Here are a few tips to help you improve on your videography skills. It actually goes beyond pressing the record button on your camcorder.

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Understand your Camcorder

Learning your camcorder inside out is fundamental for anyone aspiring to capture quality videos. You should know exactly how to access its menus, the settings contained in each menu, among others. If necessary, you can keep a crib sheet. You can laminate a 3x5 card, punch a hole in it, and then attach it to your camcorders neck.

Use a Tripod

This ensures that your videos have a rock-steady footage. This will also help you to avoid getting in front of the camcorder lens, and performing duties like zooms and pans. It is advisable not to rely on optical image stabilization or your camera's digital image-stabilization feature. In case you do not have a tripod you can lean on the wall to minimize incidences of shakiness.

Raise the Lights

Lights play a very significant role in video taking. Poor lighting can make you capture washed out or grainy videos that cannot be improved during post-production. When outdoor shooting is not an option, allow as much light into the room as possible. You can also use the built in light or a shoe-mounted external light. In some instances, you may have to adjust your camcorders aperture, shutter speed, and white balance jut to get the best quality. It is advisable to switch of autofocus anytime there are low lights in your shooting area.

Ace the Audio

This is the second important aspect of the video. Try to get your targeted subjects as close to the microphone as possible. You can use an external microphone where necessary. Use pzm-type microphones since they are Omni directional and are suitable for large conference rooms, auditoriums and so on. Plug I external headphones to help you monitor your subjects' audio levels as your record.

Avoid digital zoom

Increasing the zoom level, your camcorder crops further into the centre of your image and this can enlarge the cropped portion in order to fill the screen. The result is an awful video. Use your camcorders optical that relies mainly on the lens for any magnifications. You can zoom using your feet in order to move closer to your subject.

Shoot B-Roll

This is a secondary footage that a videographer can splice into his or her primary video to flesh out the story. For example, for a video, you can take shots of the invitation, the church and the groom and bride on top of the cake. During your final movie assembly, you can mix in any of this footage to bring out variety.

Be well prepare

No matter how good you are, proper preparations prior to the shooting time are important. This will help you carry all the required material to facilitate your video recording and avoid disappointment of camera or film failure. It will also help you decide on the B-roll footage to take.